Sweepstakes Realization

The organization of a sweepstake, be it with or final draw with instant win, is a common practice to create a positive commercial fly and satisfaction of end users.

 Off-line, on-line contests or mixed formulas can be made to capture potential customers, regardless of the contact mode with the brand and the products.

Structure, build and operate a sweepstakes or prize competition is a practice that allows obtaining several advantages:

  • Disseminate and promote the brand;
  • Communicate and promote products;
  • Involve a broad user base;
  • Establish a database of potential customers.

Is possible to implement different types of award shows, depending on the business objectives and target audience:

  • Online and / or offline sweepstakes;
  • Sweepstakes with instant win and / or final draw;
  • Exclusive sweepstakes or through co-sponsoring formula or sharing between different brands.

E-Business Consulting is able to support you in this project dealing directly with the entire process, or only with a part of the aspects related to the organization of a competition.

Rely on the expertise of E-Business Consulting for:

  • Create and define the competition that best meets your needs;
  • Make the entire communication project on line and off line;
  • Develop and manage all the paperwork, the regulation and the whole process related to both the extraction and the awarding of prizes;
  • To create and define the ideal advertising plan to give support to the initiative;
  • Monitor the performance of the competition.

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    Sweepstakes are important tools for users’ involvement and therefore represent an effective tool for the promotion of the company both in terms of branding and building a database of potential interested customers.

    E-Business Consulting is responsible for the entire project cycle, from conception and drafting of bureaucratic practices, to the communication plan until the final draw, that is a prize competition, an instant win, an exclusive sweepstakes or through exclusive co-sponsoring formulas.

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