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The activities of Social Media Marketing is an essential lever for any company, to build a successful brand, interacting with users with a view to continuous improvement thanks to the tools offered by the Web.

This capability is available to companies who can communicate and interact with users and new users acquired.

Not only has the presence on social networks with a business page, but it is important to be able to establish a relationship with users, monitoring feedback and responding to their requests.

Only in this way you can use the Social Network with a view to CRM.

Each channel is functional in different social objectives and respond to different logics.

E-Business Consulting can support you in the discovery of strategies targeted to your goals, involving the social channel more functional. Among the various possibilities:

  • Twitter, to activate the mechanisms typical of word of mouth
  • Facebook, with construction of the relevant page and profiled ads to your target audience
  • LinkedIn, which allows advertisers to get in touch with a vast target company.
  • Construction applications for social networks and development of ad hoc App

Request a free consultation to evaluate together with our team the functional strategies to be undertaken in the social world!

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    Let your company emerge from the jungle of social networks. We study and define your project or your activities of social media marketing by choosing the channel that best meets the needs of your reality and your customers.

    In this project we created a series of advertisements and sponsored ads targeted to users potentially interested in getting a number of impressions more than doubled compared to the contracted.

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