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The Programmatic Advertising is essentially an automated trading that is a technological process that offers the opportunity to acquire and sell online advertising space according to your target / intended audience. The strength of this marketing technique is the fact that, through a campaign in Programmatic Adv, you can reach the ideal consumer at the time and at a fair price.

This innovative technique allows different companies to speak with potential customers who have expressed interest or who might be interested in the services or products offered by sponsoring online advertising action.

The technology allows the dialogue between the DSPs ( Demand – Side Platform) demand-side ( advertisers and agencies ) and SSP ( Supply-Side Platform) side spaces offer (publishers / owners).

Often the term RTB (Real Time Bidding) is erroneously used as a synonym for Programmatic Advertising when, in fact, instead Refers to a specific type of transaction can be part of the Programmatic.

Choosing Programmatic Advertising you get the opportunity to:

• To reach a certain target audience or hit a specific segment of the public who might be interested or who has already shown an interest in the products and services offered;
• Reach potential clients both in Italy and abroad;
• Plan an advertising campaign with the goal of expanding the user base or customers of a particular website by intercepting potential new customers with similar behavior and interests to their target audience;
• Program the online advertising through different tools such as video, to text and banner ads in the most suitable sites to business needs;
• Optimize time management, strategy, monitoring, performance reporting and action online advertising

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