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Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing today is a set of effective tools and indispensable communication.

Choose this type of service allows you to intercept all customers, already acquired and new, mobile anticipating your competitor.

Choosing this service offered by E-Business Consulting you can plan your mobile campaign according to different channels.

Mobile Marketing Campaign:

  • Schedule display of mobile sites
  • Mobile Promotion with the objective to increase brand awareness or promote services / products
  • Mobile APP: analysis, design and development of mobile applications to interact with old contacts, increasing them with new ones.
  • Planning promotion download app for android and ios devices
  • WiFi CRM: thanks to WiFi technology you can offer your customers a free WiFi in exchange for receiving their data (name, email).

SMS Marketing Campaign:

  • Sending Sms Promotional according to gender, age and geographical area through direct partnership with Tim, Vodafone and H3G
  • Detailed Reporting

Ask for a free consultation: together we will define your needs and realize a project designed for you and your needs!

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    Online advertising allows you to integrate multiple tools together to create a successful marketing strategy.

    For this project, the aim of which was formed by the action of downloading the App company, we have harnessed the power of email thanks to Direct Email Marketing and the power of images through a campaign mode Display Real Time Bidding.

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