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E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the web marketing strategies used by corporations to get in touch with new customers or existing customers.

E-Business Consulting gives you the opportunity to plan your mailing tailored to your target goal following you step by step.

Thanks to many years of expertise in business email marketing, we are able to provide advice to 360 ° for the promotion of your business by giving you the opportunity you contact thanks to our exclusive database to a target B2B or B2C, depending on your commercial objectives.

Our plus:

  • Planning of Email Lists Firms profiled
  • Email campaigns in Italy and Abroad
  • Email Network database of over 20 million users
  • Wide range of profiling (B2C and B2B, geolocation, market sector)
  • Team qualified in the management at all stages from the definition of the target to the monitoring until the reporting of the campaign

You do not know how to build your communication? E-Business Consulting supports you in the realization of creative email and / or the landing page (landing page for communication) optimal to achieve your business goals!

Ask for a free quote to find out all the possible solutions of Email Marketing designed specifically for you!

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    The Email Marketing allows you to effectively target and immediate prospects for exploiting all the advantages offered by the sending of promotional messages.

    In this project we have allowed the interaction between the company and customers, already acquired and new, through the email marketing service.

    Taking advantage of the cost, immediacy and a good return of investment we have achieved high performance results.

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