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Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is one of the many promotional opportunities offered by advertising online.

This tool allows, buying traffic display, to show to a specific target users your ads using the advertising space acquired through auctions in real time in various digital networks.

The Real Time Bidding platform used by E-Business Consulting allows the choice of the target avoiding dangerous overlaps, dynamically changing the advertising message and retargeting on purchasing behavior. Through this system you can offer all the advantages offered by the campaigns in RTB.

You can choose E-Business Consulting for:

  • Organize your display campaigns a Real Time Bidding and for generating highly qualified with the aim of achieving always the best quality / price
  • Schedule your online advertising in the most suitable to your needs and according to the target audience required
  • Reach more users both in Italy and abroad

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We exploit every opportunity to seize the opportunities offered by the web. The purchase of online advertising space in real time allows you to have an advantage in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

In this project we optimized the planning of online advertising campaign with a consequent reduction in costs but at the same time ensuring the presence of this reality in the major digital networks. Lead generation, real-time communications, budget optimization and Roi were the elements that made this campaign successful.

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